The Rugby League Research Committee is the key body within Australia that is responsible for facilitating the end-to-end process associated with the completion of research by third parties that will enhance the sport of Rugby League in Australia. The Research Committee also has broader responsibilities relating to advocacy, advice and capacity building across the industry, including:

  • Driving research & advocating an evidence-based approach
  • Advising on best practice & information sharing
  • Promoting industry collaboration & capacity building

Charter (high-level summary)

The Rugby League Research Committee is concerned with the following topic areas, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Sports Science
  • Sports Medicine
  • Welfare & Personal/Professional Development
  • Administration & Coaching
  • Society & Culture/Diversity
  • Participation and Game Development, Volunteers
  • Recruiting and Talent/List Management
  • Refereeing/Officiating
  • some aspects of Consumer Research (as it relates to the game itself and not exclusively commercial outcomes).

Meeting dates for 2019

  • Tuesday April 30th, 2019
  • Meetings 2 to 4 will be held in June, September, November on dates TBC.


  • The Rugby League Research Board formed in 2007 to drive research priorities in the game in Australia. Rugby League’s five year Strategic Plan at the time made a commitment to undertake research in a number of areas.
  • The game’s national bodies (Australian Rugby League, National Rugby League, Australian Rugby League Development) strongly endorsed the need for research and were keen to formalise a structure to underpin the conduct of research into all areas of the game.