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NRL chief executive Dave Smith answered questions on all things NRL from fans on Twitter on Monday afternoon, under the hashtag #AskDaveNRL. Here are his answers from the Q&A.

Daniel Watson Hayes: "I'd like to know what strategies are in place to increase crowds & memberships? We could learn a lot from NFL, NBA."
Dave Smith: "We have just announced the biggest ever push on membership. Our target is to double membership by 2017."

Martyn Lawrence: "Do you (think) the Auckland 9s will be as big as the all star game has become over the last four years?"
Dave Smith:
"Understand we've already sold 40,000 tickets - strong interest already. All Stars always very important too."

agrothedragon: "When will the #NRL & #REFS get it right..?"
Dave Smith:
"ppl are always going to talk about refs. Make no mistake, we're investing in high performance. They are crucial to our game."

Matt ‏(@Croz_au): "it would be beneficial for nrl to bring back reserve grade with all teams n few expansion teams in 2 conf system"
Dave Smith:
"Major pathways project is near completion. Expect more focus on NSW and QLD cups, with a final btwn the 2 next year."

rossshaw: "Quality of games suffered greatly through Origin period in 2013. It was an 8 week deadspot. Needs lots of thinking for future."
Dave Smith:
"Appreciate your views, an area we are concerned about too. We are looking closley at this for 2014."

Lise ‏(@lise231x): "Please give us a 2014 Draw release date. Dedicated fans like me like the early draws to make travel plans."
Dave Smith:
"Thanks - football dept working hard to complete. Understand how important this is to fans. Out by end of Nov."

Greg Smith: "As someone who attends near 50 games a year, how can we have bigger crowds to create a better atmosphere? Maybe double headers?"
Dave Smith:
"Thanks for being such a wonderful fan @gregsmith22. We want a great community atmosphere and people to feel like they belong."

Studio Molk: "How do you de-stress after spending a day dealing with a crisis brought on player immaturity & stupidity?"
Dave Smith:
"One of the highlights for me @MolksTVTalk has been meeting great players and role models. The positives are what matter."

Sarah Lord: "verify what is being done 2 help clubs such as @RaidersCanberra who sack players then go to another club nxt week?"
Dave Smith:
"Integrity Unit was designed to ensure we protect player welfare and clubs. We're building stronger systems."

mark ‏(@voodoorock): "why does the nrl help some clubs retain marquee names ie SBW roosters and hinder others who need it ie folau and eels?"
Dave Smith:
"Thanks @voodoorock comprehensive review of cap near completion. It will address marquee player issues. Consultation process really positive."

jonnyforeigner ‏(@j_foreigner): "Will the NRL sanction Ryan Stig and disassociate itself from any dealings with Anthony Mundine?"
Dave Smith:
"Discriminatory comments are not welcome in the NRL. @awebstar1 courageously said it all on sat."

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