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Raiders winger Sandor Earl has admitted to using and trafficking the banned peptide CJC 1295.

The NRL today announced Sandor Earl has been suspended for four years under the League's Anti-Doping Policy.

The Anti-Doping Tribunal, chaired by former High Court Judge The Hon Ian Callinan AC QC, found that Mr Earl had committed the following violations of the Anti-Doping Policy:  

• use of CJC-1295 (eight violations)

• possession of CJC-1295

• trafficking in Somatropin

• trafficking in Clenbuterol

• attempted trafficking in SARMS

• attempted trafficking in Testosterone

The Tribunal imposed a period of suspension of 4 years, to run from the date of Mr Earl's provisional suspension which commenced on 29 August 2013. 

Mr Earl's suspension will expire on 29 August 2017.

NRL Head of Integrity Nick Weeks reaffirmed the League's commitment to drug free sport. 

"The NRL is committed to eliminating performance enhancing drugs. We want our game to provide a fair and safe environment for players and that means taking all reasonable steps to eradicate performance enhancing drugs from rugby league."

The player has 21 days to appeal the ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The NRL will make no further comment at this time.