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Daniel Pouloudis, Casino, NSW: Is Mitchell Moses in the argument for most valuable player? I think yes. The impact that Tom Turbo's return had on Manly was incomparable but the impact that Mitch's injury has had on the Eels and their top four chances, in my opinion, is almost close to that of Turbo.

I'm not saying Mitch is as good as Tommy, but certainly has a sizable impact on that Eels team.

Match Highlights: Roosters v Eels

Austin Benal, Kokopo City, PNG: As a diehard Manly fan I think they will make it to top four - they just have to get their heads in the game and win their last six games. Round 21 will be against one of the heavyweights, the Storm. If we think we will, then we'll crush them. Go the Manly Sea Eagles.


Garry Murphy, Doonan, Queensland: During games, the referee calls held when they believe the tackle is made, even though there is still movement in the tackle.

I agree you can't let the tackle go on for ever but when a player is clearly held up over the line in attempting to score, the referee allows the players struggle to place the ball on the ground for a much longer time than if he is held during general play. Surely, held is held regardless of situation.

Remembering Roger: The best of RTS

Arapata Reuben, Kaiapoi, NZ: Many of the writers' memories are very short indeed. Growing up in NZ in the 80s I lived for every 10-minute weekly snippet of news regarding NSWRL comp. Then once I could afford to buy the amazing Rugby League Week, I quickly learnt how immense an impact Mark Graham had on rugby league in Australia. A true legend and pioneer for all to follow.

Charlie Mason, Baldry, NSW: SBW definitely had the biggest effect on his teams, Wiki was certainly the best overall captain and a natural leader, Benji is probably the most influential to the game and how it has developed in the last decade and finally, RTS most inspirational player in NZ history who always gives his best and puts his team in front of himself. All GOATs.


Abdul Emir, Wollongong, NSW: I love the new rules of making the game faster, and I believe the crackdown on head high shots was a great addition to the game. There is still one thing that needs to be "cracked down".

It is the amount forward passes being let go or players complaining that the pass wasn't forward. I understand that watching he game from TV it is easier to spot and that it is hard for the referees to spot it.

There should be a system in place to check the forward passes, like VAR is soccer. If the ref gives away a forward pass, they would be allowed to challenge it, or the Bunker can rule out the try if the pass is forward.

The system that NRL should work on is to track if the ball went forward by using lines for where the ball was passed from and then a line where the ball was caught from. 


Rob Gray, Christchurch: The Warriors seem to have a really soft underbelly this year. If Payten was coaching them again this year I guarantee they'd be winning more games. 

The top teams have a strong mindset and win over adversity - the Warriors need to learn that and not use being away from NZ as an excuse. If anything that should give them more desire. 

Have we definitely seen the last of RTS in the NRL?

Rick Venero, Clovelly: 26 points will get you into eighth place this year and possibly even seventh. The Knights should make it barring injury. The two smokies are the Warriors (injuries will probably cruel them) and the Tiges, provided Adam Doueihi and their props stays healthy (They have a good run home). Injuries, or a lack of, will determine the last 2 spots.


Trevor Wood, Canberra: I would like to see the forward passes eliminated from the game. The fields are lined in 10-metre grids, so anything that is caught in a position further down the field it is obviously forward. Take away the grey area, forward is forward. 

Mansour loving life on the South Sydney left edge

Matthew Fitzgerald, Sydney: Agree with Jamie Soward. All other teams should find a way to knock each other out with the run home and the NRL Ladder Predictor shows that. Unless there are severe upsets Jamie Soward is spot on....

Douglas Haynes, Brisbane: Looking at the draw ahead for all of the teams in contention it is clear to see who has the "easier draws" heading into the finals. The Tigers will take momentum from the Broncos game after outscoring Brisbane 32-6 in the second half and will take that form into the rest of their season and finish 8th at the end of the premiership season.

The other team to join them in the eight will be the Raiders who will finish in seventh. The Raiders have a pretty favourable draw heading into September and after being able to string a few wins together they look to have a good foundation heading into the finals.

Kenneth "Kenny" Scott, Leichhardt: How good is the Sunday Session Podcast? Where do those guys get their energy from? Wow! So good! editor-in-chief Paul Suttor: This constitutes a written warning to Sunday Session co-host Kenny Scott for a grade-two breach of the experts' view inbox guidelines.

Matthew Weldon, Townsville: I believe that the Cowboys will pull off a miracle towards the end for a top-eight spot and Titans will get seventh because they really have a strong side at the moment.


Tony Hay, Ettalong Beach: What's happening with the Roosters? With Cordner, Friend and the Morris brothers going, we should be in the market. They should have gone in hard for Brandon Smith for one. We're going nowhere fast with the cattle at present. Walker is still in nappies and a few years from being able to dominate consistently.

The good teams find him out at this stage. Teams lose their confidence when playmakers/ spine aren't consistently good and that is the Roosters this year. Keary will come back in next year but we're still light on in some areas but haven't heard of them chasing anyone.

Casualty Ward By Club

Russell McLaughlin, Mt Cotton: Why do we still use golden point to finish a game in extra time? A much better format which could be utilised in many different sports is to start extra time with a full team and at agreed intervals, say two minutes, a player is dropped from each side and continues until a result is found. Maybe a try must be scored.


Daniel Pouloudis, Casino: The halves weren't the problem for the Blues. When the game was on the line the halves were the ones to get us back in it, Wighton with the try and Moses with the assist for Api.

More early ball to Turbo and Latrell would've been nice but QLD were on their game and really wanted it. We also need to discuss Tedesco's passing game. He held onto some passes that needed to be thrown.


Brett Beattie, Ryde: Plenty of underrated players in the NRL but Reuben Garrick has to be up there. Solid winger, plenty of pace and a reliable goalkicker. Leading pointscorer in the NRL and fills in admirably for the hardest position to cover in the NRL, Turbo Tom's!

Wayne Collum, Birkdale: You're on the money with your article above, well put. Ben was the despised scapegoat for the Broncos NRL GF loss in 2015 (including Benny). I hope we use him again as hooker in 2022 Origin games and we'll just have to find another slot for Harry Grant in the Maroons team.

Ben's experience is what Qld needs going forward. Now where can we find a good Qld coach for 2022!!

Rupert Fahy, Kingscliff: When you are rating each players performance what do you base the rankings on? Is it based on statistics like metres gained and tackle breaks or from just viewing of the game?

Paul Suttor, editor-in-chief: As much as possible we consider the stats a player delivers in the game but it's also about their impact on the contest. It's a subjective art and it's rare that everyone agrees on the player ratings but that is the beauty of the ongoing debate that is rugby league.


Jordan du Toit, Sydney: I think Joey Manu is really underrated because he is the No.1 centre in the game and when plays fullback or five eighth, you know something special is coming. 

David Cawley, Brisbane: No more player transfers, until the end of the season! This season has had enough disruption, let the current players play! If players have long-term injuries & there is nobody else available, select players from the Intrust Super Competition, on short-term contracts. 


Greg Ellis, Northangera: I really like Phil Jeffrey's suggestion for the play-the-ball.  It would reduce whistleblowing for trivial issues.  In the same vein, I suggest we eliminate the knock-on in a fair aerial contest for the ball.  There have been many spectacular tries disallowed for what comes down to the most trivial touch.  These also often take ages for the Bunker to adjudicate and the decisions are often highly questionable. 

All the ref (or if challenged, the Bunker) needs to do is determine whether the players jumping for the ball were doing just that and weren't prevented from fairly contesting the ball.  (The ref would also rule against deliberately knocking the ball forward as they do now). 

We have exceptions for rules like stripping the ball (only one player; OK in the act of scoring), so it would not be so peculiar to have an exception for a knock-on.  


Denva Timson, Adelaide: The Roosters are on a downfall. They have had a great run the last few years but they've lost some of their senior and most influential players and they are struggling without them.

They still have some great players like Teddy, and I'm sure Robbo will do his best to get them back on track but I reckon they've won their last premiership for a while.

Each team's Queensland hub

Mark Bennett, Sydney: Everybody's complaining about the six-again rule. What if they gave the team coming out of their half a penalty and revert back to six again once they get across the halfway line?


Brendan Clark, Perth: Would like a review done on the seven-tackle set from the 20m on kicks going dead in-goal. Would like to see a rule change for example, if the attacking team put in an "attacking kick" a grubber/bomb for example not a drop goal (in the ref's opinion), inside say the 20m and the ball goes dead in-goal,  a play-the-ball on the 10m would be the restart with a seven-tackle set rather than the 20m. The game wants attacking football, but penalises teams that do so. 


Sam Wansbone, Auckland: I know the Raiders have massively underachieved this year but the biggest underachievers this year is my team, the Warriors. We should be comfortably in the eight (we'd be fourth if we won every game we lost by six or less) and are wasting Roger on the wing. Warriors will not play finals this year unless Roger is at fullback.

Match Highlights: Sharks v Warriors


Sammy San Martin, Brisbane: The NRL must introduce personalised numbers and names on back of jerseys. Rugby league is one of the few major sports without personalised numbers and jersey names. Positional numbers have no effect, impact or benefit to the game for players or fans.

The ability for fans to purchase their favourite players jersey and number, without having to worry if the change positions or get injured that someone else will be wear that number next week, will increase revenue and the marketability of players, team and the NRL. Retiring jersey for the greats is one major thing the NRL is missing. 

Toby Church, Sydney: Brad Walter why do you think Josh Papalii is the player most under pressure in Origin III? I feel like it's more DCE or Hamiso Tabuia-Fidow. senior reporter Brad Walter: Well, Papali'i missed Origin I due to suspension and didn't have the impact in Origin II that Queensland were hoping for as he may not be suited by the new rules to speed the game up.


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