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Apply for funding - 2019

Apply for funding or endorsement - EOI Submission template

To view or download the Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission template, select the image below:


NOTE: this is a read-only document designed to provide a guide for how to complete the template. If you wish to apply for funding for a research project, and/or to seek endorsement, please send an email to the Program Manager of the Rugby League Research Committee, at, to request a version that you can complete. The completed EOI Submission template should be sent by email to the Program Manager.

Critical dates

The Committee invites applications by Monday 2nd July 2018, by 5.00pm AEDT. This is in advance of the second meeting of the Committee, to be held on Tuesday 3rd July 2018.

The Committee will then consider applications, then aim to decide funding at 2018 meeting 3, on Tuesday September 4th 2018.

All applications, including the successful applicant(s), will be advised of their status by late September 2018.


The Rugby League Research Committee invites Expressions of Interest for funding for research projects for 2018. The Committee has identified several priority areas for which it seeks Expressions of Interest to fund research projects.


This Expression of Interest process relates primarily for applications for funding.

If a party wishes to apply for endorsement only (as opposed to funding as well) to conduct a research project in Rugby League, then the party can 

  • apply for a project that falls outside the indicated priority research area
  • apply outside the timeframes stated for applications for funding

Please note: The application for endorsement (but not funding) will still be required to use the EOI Submission Template.

Funding available

The funding available for the 2017 call is $90,000.


For 2018, the Rugby League Research Committee invites applications from universities or research institution wishing to transform a research priority into a topic.

If an applicant wishes to seek funding to conducting research, then a research proposal should relate to one (1) of the listed priority research areas only.

Duration of the study

Duration of the study will be based upon timelines in any research application, and therefore considered and endorsed by the Research Committee.

Deliverables and responsibilities

As part of the terms and conditions for the granting of funding, a research agreement must be agreed between the National Rugby League (on behalf of the Rugby League Research Committee) and any successful applicant(s), on terms acceptable to the NRL (on behalf of the Rugby League Research Committee). The research agreement would cover areas including, but limited to, the following:

  • Intellectual Property
  • use of findings
  • requirements for submission of progress reports and final reports

Along with execution of the research agreement, a tax invoice must be submitted to

  • National Rugby League (on behalf of the Rugby League Research Committee)
  • NRL’s Accounts Payable team

Specifically, the invoice must be sent via email to the following email addresses: AND

These conditions must be met before any funds can be disbursed. If RLRC approves an application for funding, then for funds to be processed and provided, the chief investigator/applicant must submit an invoice in sufficient time. At the very latest, the invoice must be submitted by 24th October of the calendar year. The onus is upon the chief investigator/applicant.

The Rugby League Financial Year runs from 1st November in the previous calendar year, to 31st October in the current calendar year. Rugby League Financial Year 2018 (corresponding to season 2018) runs from 1st November 2017 to 31st October 2018.



The RL Research Committee will objectively evaluate applications for funding against a series of criteria, in line with the defined priority research areas, the game's Strategic Plan. The criteria listed below are indicative only and not exhaustive:

  1. relevance to the Priority Research Topic and the relevant Strategic Pillar(s);
  2. alignment of the research plan with the RLRC’s priority topics and broad research aims;
  3. level of innovation or provision of new insights to the game;
  4. significance of the project’s outcomes to the game;
  5. feasibility and appropriateness of objectives, methods/protocols, and proposed timelines;
  6. adequacy of accounting for ethical considerations;
  7. demonstrated capacity (in terms of requisite expertise, knowledge, and experience) of the project team to execute the project;
  8. specificity and adequacy of project budget.

The RLRC has absolute and sole discretion in relation to the EOI process, the evaluation of Proposals and the selection of a proposals for funding, and:

  1. may fund one or more Proposals;
  2. may fund the whole or any part of a Proposal, and may accept a Proposal either conditionally or unconditionally;
  3. may fund separable parts of the Priority Research Areas (or Priority Topics) to different applicants;
  4. is not bound to accept any Proposal or to enter into a Research Agreement;
  5. may withdraw this EOI at any time; and
  6. reserves the right to accept non-conforming Proposals.

Research project update template

If RLRC provides funding and/or endorsement to a research project proposal, then the chief investigator of the project is required to submit a status update before each RLRC meeting, for the duration of the research project.

For 2018, a schedule is listed below for when you need to provide an update on your project to the Research Committee:

  Project update is due
RLRC Meeting  Month  Week beginning  Month  Date  Day  Time 
 1 March  19 March  16  Friday  5:00 PM 
 2 July  2 June  22  Friday  5:00 PM 
 3 September  August  24  Friday  5:00 PM 
 4  November 19 November  Friday  5:00 PM 

The EOI Evaluation template can be viewed as a read-only document at RLRC Research Project Status Update Template. OR, click on the image below to view or download the Research Project Update Template.


Contact information

For further information, please contact the Program Manager of the RL Research Committee, at

Previous application periods:

Acknowledgement of Country

National Rugby League respects and honours the Traditional Custodians of the land and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.