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Taking a trip down memory lane has become easier than ever for avid rugby league historians with the launch of the National Library of Australia's online trove.

Included in the programs are the complete teams lists for every premiership and representative match played in Sydney from 1920 to 1954.

The trove is full of news stories and photographs from the early years and provides a vivid insight into the weekly development of the game during those three and a half decades. Also featured are several cartoons and caricatures by Arthur Mailey, a former Test cricketer and renowned artist.

Australians were still getting over World War I in 1920 and there were more tough times ahead with the Great Depression and World War II.

It was a time of uncertainty and the vast collection of articles and photos focuses on the pioneers and events that shaped rugby league during such a tumultuous period.

The period was marked by some seminal achievements, including the establishment of the Rugby League News, the first women's game in 1921 and the first games broadcast on radio in 1924.

Annandale, Glebe and University didn't survive, while new clubs St George, Canterbury, Parramatta and Manly entered the competition during this 34-year period.