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Each year the NRL / RLPA Wellbeing & Education Committee decide on the social responsibility and personal development workshops that should be delivered to all players and staff involved with elite teams from the U16s to the NRL.

High Schools Program

High schools participating in the elite Rugby League schools’ competition have been provided in a range of education modules for their senior players.

Indigenous Players Camp

Strengthening identity amongst the playing group, help realise their potential to create positive change in and outside the game.

Rookie Camp

This camp is compulsory for every player in the National Youth Competition. It is a three-day camp and introduces the young players to the NRL values.

Semi-Pro Day

This one-day seminar is designed to give an insight into what life is like off the field for semi professional Rugby League players.

Pasifika Players Leadership Camp

This camp helps create players who will become leaders and mentors to other Pasifika NRL and NYC players.