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The Stat to Fix: The Titans in the opposition's firing line Stats has crunched the numbers to pin-point the area each team must fix in 2018. For the Gold Coast Titans, their left-edge defence is an area that needs improvement.

With the Gold Coast leaking 26.6 points a game (and only Newcastle coughed up more) opposition raids bore plenty of fruit in 2017.

Especially when targeting Dale Copley and Kane Elgey down the Titans left-edge channel.

Copley was lumped with 30 try causes in 19 games – an unflattering figure that saw him rank last among 51 centres rated according to their defensive effectiveness by last month.

While hardly the only culprits in a number of those four-pointers, Elgey's own tally of 19 try causes should see that Gold Coast left side defence bombarded once more this season.